21,000 Displaced and 100 Dead in Eastern Ethiopia


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Mr. Addis Arega, Oromia Regional Administration Communications Office Manager indicated, the number of Ethiopians forcefully displaced from Eastern Ethiopia, Somali Region, have exceeded 21,000.

Somali Regional Administration Office Manager, Mr. Edris Ismael has repeated his allegation by reiterating the president; Mr. Lemma Megerssa and Mr. Addisu Arega, the communication manager have colluded and committed genocide on our people. The accused, however, have denied the allegation as baseless and total fabrication.

The 21,000 displaced Ethiopians have been refugees in their own country and are presently temporarily settled in Harar, Dire Dawa and Chinaksen. The displaced Ethiopians accuse the Somali Regional Government of killing and imprisoning wealthy Oromos of the region.

The Oromo Regional Administration claims the regional fighting is between Oromo farmers and Somali Regional Special Forces not with the people. On the Other hand, authorities of Jijiga, are trying to portray the fighting as tribal.