Opposition was Voiced Loud and Clear during Eid Al Adha (Arefa) in Dire Dawa


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Oppositions were voiced during Eid Al Adha (Arefa) holy day celebration in Dire Dawa  on 01 September 2017, it was reported.

High presence of defence forces and police was observed in many Ethiopian cities. According to sources, lots of stop and search were being done on roads leading to as well as around the An-war Mosque in Addis Ababa.

In Dire Dawa, during the speech of the city mayor, the Muslim community chanted their opposition by raising their crossed hands over their heads saying, ‘let our voice be heard’; eye witnesses reported. During the opposition chants, plainclothes police who were infiltrated in the crowed tried to stop the chants to no avail. The mayor was forced to cut his speech short and leave the site.

This year’s Eid Al Adha (Arefa) celebration was cut short by the government officials due to fear of unrest and uprising. Usually the celebration lasts at list for few hours but this time it was stopped at 7 AM.

It is to be reminded, this is the fourth time when opposition voices were heard during Eid Al Adha (Arefa) celebrations and the heavy presence of police forces during such celebrations has become a norm as well.