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Ethiopian Current Affairs:

Report on Ethiopian Refugees in Israel – by Zenaneh Mekonen

VOA Interview with Abune Mathias from Israel – VOA Amharic

DW Special Report on Crisis in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

VOA interview with Ethiopian Bishops in USA & Jerusalem

Embarrassing interview of TPLF’s Sebhat Nega – VOA

Addis Dimts Radio interview with Ato Mohamed (EPRP-D), Dr Berhanu Nega (Ginbot 7), Dr Hailu Araya (UDJ), plus many more

Addis Dimts Radio panel discussion with Tesfai Atsebaha, Negasi Beyene & Abraha Belai regarding TPLF

Ato Andargachew Tsige interview DW radio, 7th May 2009

Interview with Ato Andargachew Tsige on Ginbot 7 & a witness to TPLF’s Anuwak Genocide in Gambella Addis Dimts Radio

Interview with Mr Obang Methos on the situation in Ethiopia – KPFK Southern California Radio

VOA Straight Talk discuss on what happened to Meles at the G20 – also statement from Obang Methos.

Special program on G-20 Summit – Ginbot 7 Radio

VOA Straight Talk discuss on what happened to Meles at the G20 – also statement from Obang Methos.

Meles Withholds Body Count in Somalia VOA

Interview with Fitawrari Gezai Reda on his ordeal in the hands of TPLFAddis Dimts Radio

Special program on G-20 Summit – Ginbot 7 Radio

Must Listen Audio: Dr Berhanu Nega’s speech in Dallas – Ginbot 7, Amharic Audio

Audio: “KALE” – Birtukan Mideksa By Dereje Habtewold, Kinibir: Gudu Kassa

Must listen BBC interview with Ato Andargachew Tsige, member of Ginbot 7 leadership

BBC interview with Dr Berhanu on W/z Birtukan

Interview with Brigadier General Kassaye Chemeda from Ethiopia Part.1 Part.2 – ECADF

Audio: Who is Amare Aregawi? – By Gudu Kassa

VOA interviews OLF leaders regarding the split

Audio: Message to the Ethiopian Army

Interview with Artist Shambel Belayneh -ECADF July 2008

VOA Health Crisis Deepening in Ethiopia

Addis Dimts Radio interviews suffering Ethiopian refugees in Yemen and Libya – Addis Dimts Radio

Interview with Ato Mersha Yosef one of EPRP (D) Leaders – Melbourne Amharic Radio

ECADF Interview with Dr Fiseha Abebe, from Ethio-Sudan Border Affairs Committee

Interview with “Medrek Le Democrasiyawi Mkeker Be-Ethiopia” Leadership Dr Negasso, Ato Seye & Ato Bulcha – ECADF

Andenet Voice Radio interviews Dr. Yacob Hailemariam on the Legal aspect of Ethio-Sudan border issues + more

Interview: W/r Birtukan Mideksa : Yaderaqal Radio

VOA: Meles exposed over treasonous border deal

Dr Berhanu and Ato Andargachew interview on the newly formed
Ginbot 7 Movement by Addis Dimts Radio

DW Radio interview with CUDP’s Ato Temesgen on the boarder issue, a second Sudanese official confirms the handing over of Ethiopian Territories to Sudan + more

VOA Radio Interview with Ethiopian Prisoners in Sudan – victims from the Ethiopian Land give away to Sudan

VOA Radio Interview with three members of the Ethiopia & Sudan Boarder Fact Finding Committee

Listen to the moving Four Letters from an Ethiopian Father in Ethiopia to his Son in the US

May 8th Audio: the widow of Martyr Assefa Maru

DW Radio on the Ethiopian farm lands given to Sudan

Audio: W/t. Birtukan Mideksa’s interview with SBS Amharic Radio in Australia

Audio: ECADF’s interview with W/rt Birtukan Mideksa & Ato Temesgen Zewde

Audio Ato Andargachew Tsige Interview by ECADF

Mulatu Astatke, from Addis Ababa to Boston (WNYC)

Interview with Prof. Abigail Salisbury about Mekelle University and H.R.2003 Audio

VOA interview with OFDM’s chairman Ato. Bulcha Demeksa regarding Sunday’s kangaroo election

Interview with Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw from Kinijit in Ethiopia on Washington D.C. Kinijit Radio

Dr. Abraham’s interview with regard to Meles’s Economic Report to the Rubber Stamp Parliament

Interview with Ato Andargachew Tsige in relation to the recent Article ‘Yewedefitu Tegil Mamelakecha..’:Quatero

More arrests! Meles’s Anti-Inflation prescription :VOA

Interview with Dr Hailu Araya Kinijit’s Head of P.R. :Audio

Ethiopian Farmers Have New Market for Products :VOA

Interview with Ethiopians suffering in Libyan prisons :Addis Dimts Radio

Follow up interview with Ethiopians suffering in Libyan prisons :ECADF

Military, Diplomatic Tensions Peak as UN Peacekeepers Withdraw From Eritrea
VOA English

Dr. Berhanu Nega Los Angeles speech on 2nd February 2008
[Part One] :
[Part Two]

Interview with Ato Seleshi Tena, Kinijit Executive Member from Addis Abeba

W/rt Birtukan Mideksa & Ato Sleshi Tena Press Confrence from Addis Abeba
N.A Kinijit

ECADF Interview with Ato Andargachew Tsege on his latest Article

Interview with Ato Mohammed Ali and Ato Ayele Chamisso on current crisis in Kinijit, Jan 2008
DW Radio

EPRDF Accused Of Disrupting Radio Program, 16 Jan 2008
VOA English

ECADF’s Interview with Dr. Yakob Hailemariam
ECADF’s Interview

Ethiopia Denies Independent Newspaper Licenses, 2 Jan 2008
VOA English

Ethiopia Marks Yearlong Occupation in Somalia
VOA English : 24th December 2007

Ato Endrias, Kinijit Official in Southern Ethiopia Kinijit NA, (ECADF)

Military Buildup Heightens Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Tensions in 2007
VOA English

Interview with Dr. Hailu Araya and Eng. Hailu Shawl, VOA Amharic
[Part One] :
[Part Two]

Artist Debebe Eshetu, CUDP’s P.R Officer
Canadian B. Corp

Interview with Dr. Berhanu Nega on ECADF
(1), (2), (3), (4)

Interview with Vice P. Birtukan & Ato Abayneh
VOA Interview : 29th November 2007

Expiry of the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission
German Radio Report

Ethiopia Jamming VOA and DW Radio
VOA English

Interview with Ato Temesgen & Ato Ali, CUDP
VOE Sweden

The tragic impact of AIDS in Ethiopia
Minnesota Public Radio

CUDP Media Conference at ETN, Washington DC
Media Conference : 15th November 2007

Interviews on Kinijit Leadership crisis in Ethiopia :DW Radio
DW-world Interview : 15th November 2007

Ato Gebru Asrat on TPLF & the newly established party UTDS
VOA Interview : 13th November 2007

Interview with Ato Temesgen Zewdie on CUDP & HR2003
Interview : 09th November 2007

Report on Daniel & Netsanet’s upcoming trial and vigil by families and freinds in Addis Ababa
DW-world : 08th November 2007

Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Tensions Raise New International Alert
VOA Report : 07th November 2007

Attack on Ethiopians in Kenya
VOA Report : 05th November 2007

Canada’s aid game in Ethiopia,CBC, Stephen’s documentary
Audio Documentary

Dr Berhanu on Chicago Public Radio
VOA Interview : 31st October 2007

Ato Berhanu Berhe on the New Political Party in Tigray
VOA Interview : 31st October 2007

Analyst: PM Gedi’s resignation by Ethio/US Pressure
VOA Report :
(English) : 28th October 2007

Is Ato Bedru a ‘Kinijit Laelawi’ Member?
Report :
25th October 2007

Ethiopia, Eritrea Trade Blame on Boundary Dispute
VOA Interview :
25th October 2007

Panel discussion regarding current crisis in Kinijit
VOA Interview :
24th October 2007

Ato Siye Abraha interview on VOA regarding current issues in Ethiopian
VOA Interview : Part One :
20th October 2007
VOA Interview : Part Two :
22nd October 2007

Ato Abayneh Birhanu interview on Tensae Radio regarding the crisis in Kinijit.
Tensae Interview :
20th October 2007

Dr. Berhanu Nega interview on VOA regarding the crises in Kinijit
VOA Interview : Part One :
19th October 2007
VOA Interview : Part Two :
19th October 2007

Prof Messfin W/Mariam interview on VOA regarding the crises in Kinijit
VOA Interview :
16th October 2007

Ato Muluneh Eyoel interview on German Radio : 28th September 2007

Dr. Berhanu Nega speech at Kinijit DC Metro: 16th September 2007
[Part 1] , [Part 2] , [Part 3] , [Part 4] , [Part 5] , [Part 6] , [Part 7] , [Part 8]

Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa speech at Kinijit DC Metro.
[Part 1] ,
[Part 2] : 16th September 2007

Artist. Tamagne Beyene speech at Kinijit DC Metro.
[Part 1] , [Part 2] : 16th September 2007

Eng Hailu Shawel Interview (Paltalk Swiss Room)
Eng Hailu’s Interview : 30th August 2007

Dr Yakob’s Letter to the Ethiopian People and Judges.
Dr Yakob’s Letter : Narrated by Ato Yewarkaw Mengistu

Anna Gomez, BBC Interview.
Ms Anna’s Interview

Ato Andargachew Tsigie interview regarding KIL and more.
Ato Andargachew’s Interview : Addey Ababa Radio

Ethiopian Armed Struggle:

Shaleka Atnafu interview from EPPF International.
Shaleka Atnafu’s Interview : 06th Sept 2007

Meto Aleqa Mola Interview from Tatek Ginbar.
Meto Aleka Mola’s Interview : Addey Ababa Radio

Articles & Views:

Prof Adugna Worku message for Addis Amet.
Prof Adugna Message

Ethiopian Girls Situation in Lebanon:

Wzt. Betty interview, on the treatment and situation of Ethiopian’s in Beirut, Lebanon.
[Part 1] , [Part 2] : Addey Ababa Radio

Wzt. Seble interview, on the treatment and situation of Ethiopian’s in Beirut, Lebanon.
Wzt. Seble’s Interview : Addey Ababa Radio

Wzt. Meseret interview, on the treatment and situation of Ethiopian’s in Beirut, Lebanon.
Wzt. Meseret’s Interview
: Addey Ababa Radio

Exposing TPLF:

Ato Gebremedhin Araya Former TPLF Finance Head Speaks out for the first time in the last 15 years.
[Part 1] , [Part 2] , [Part 3] , [Part 4] , [Part 5] , [Part 6] : Addey Ababa Radio