Dire Dawa is Tense, Seven Killed and Several Wounded


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

In Dire Dawa, shots fired by Federal Police killed seven innocent individuals and wound several. The shots were fired, it was claimed by police, in an attempt to stop a car that was carrying contraband, it is reported.

The women killed by Federal police have become a cause for the increased tension in the city and has become a reason for clash between the public and police. The defence force that arrived to quash the uprising fired on the public and wounded over seven individuals. The seriously wounded have been taken to several hospitals in the region. Eye witnesses also reported, two police officers were wounded during the riot.

Reports received from the city indicate, several youths have been detained accused for using their mobiles for passing messages. The unrest and killing has kept Dire Dawa city under high tension.

Eye witness indicated, trading contraband items in Dire Dawa are not new. The thing that made is strange is the clash that happened with the federal police. It is well known trading in contraband items are done openly by high government officials and officers of the defence force.

Following the clash and the killing, tension is still high in Dire Dawa and it has become very hard to predict what will happen next.