EPRDF Working Overtime to Perpetrate Ethnic Clash in Amhara Region


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

The efforts of EPRDF to secede Qimant from Gondar failed utterly when the people chose to be called nothing else but Amhara in the recent referendum.

In its continued effort to create clashes and ethnic unrest, the government is forcing the people in 8 Kebeles to vote where such questions were never raised previously. The recent referendum has given EPRDF a bitter taste in its mouth when Qimant people refused and chose to stay in Amhara region.

Recently, in Chilga district, at Negade Bahir fighting has started, it was reported. During the clash the house and properties of a representative and native of Qimant was burnt down. In addition, two Qimant and one Amhara committee members were killed in Gellediba Kebele.

The ruling party is working hard to create clashes and suffering amongst the Amhara and Qimant people as it did between Oromos and Somalis. As reported by eye witnesses, several army personnel are amassing in the region to help fulfil its efforts.

Various bodies have warned the people in the region to be vigilant and avert the death and suffering that the government is planning to bring upon them.