ESAT sorting out the chaos dilutional elites’ mass-deception brought on the people of Ethiopia ( By Teshome Debalke)


 “The house of delusions is cheap to build but, drafty to live in” wrote the 19th century English scholar and poet A. E Houseman.

Lo, and behold, TPLF Mafia elites’ cheap and drafty house of delusion built on mass-deception is crumbling one expose of the truth after another as they agonize to patch it together with more deceptions, thanks for ESAT and a few other independent Medias in sea of bogus make-believe Medias.  

Teshome Debalke

August 21, 2017

  No sane person today denies Ethiopia is under a self-declared ethnic Apartheid rule of a 16th century type instigated and imposed by the dysfunctional elites of the Tigray People ‘Invasion’ Front with 26 years of coordinated and uninterrupted mass-deceptions.


The self-described Marxist-Linnets ethnic separatist elites that seized state power in 1991 with enthusiastic encouragement and support of Western and Middle Eastern governments didn’t collude to setup tribal central command, mass-deception apparatus, and racketeering cartel by accident. It was a deliberate conspiracy to control the political, social and economic lives and livelihood of the people of Ethiopia to exploit the public resources as the record reviled.

But, unlike we are led to believe otherwise; the most potent arsenal under their possession are the mass-medias to spread their manufactured mass-deception to the world over reinforced by ‘donated’ weapon to terrorize the people of Ethiopia in submission for their mission.

Unfortunately, the dysfunctional elites caged in their designated ethnic enclaves were willing participants and empowered TPLF Mafia elites to divide, robe and hunt down one group of Ethiopians after another.

The African proverb says; “when the axe entered the forest, the trees said; ‘look, the handle is one of us” so goes the result of the ethnic Mafia elites dilutional strategy.

Thus, over two decades later, TPLF elites’ Weapons-of-Mass-Deception that made it possible for a make-believe ethnic Apartheid ‘Revolutionary Democracy Mafia regime concocted and hell-bent to disfranchise, rob and kill Ethiopians persisted — while the rest of the political elites remained spectators arguing over trivial issues than coming together to unglue the parasite Mafia regime they help create from the backs of the people of Ethiopia.

As TPLF Mafia elites and apologists tap dance around their deadly ethnic Apartheid regime awaiting its burial; mass-deception to revive it intensified like we never seen before. Some go as far making up fairytale drama out of a tin air as diversions to give time for the rogue group to come up with anything as they did before when TPLF Mafia-Apartheid the kingpin departed way before they accept it with mass-deception.

 “The house of delusions is cheap to build but drafty to live in” wrote the 19th century English scholar and poet A. E Houseman.

Lo, and behold, TPLF Mafia elites cheap and drafty house of delusion built on mass-deception is crumbling one expose of the truth after another as they agonize to patch it together with more deceptions, thanks for ESAT and a few independent Medias in sea of cut-and-paste make-believe Medias.

The recent ESAT expose —TPLF Mafia elites eating ‘small fishes’ to protect the big sharks illustrates; they still believe; mass-deception can save the deadly regime and themselves from accountability for their crimes.

The cheap and drafty House of Woyane featured as the symbol of racketeering in ESAT’s expose was Metals, Engineering Corporation (METEC) also described in detail by a former employee interview on ESAT that followed.

In contrast, the romantic mass-deception framed by a TPLF cadre by the name Desta Gebrehiwot as ‘ANALYSIS of METEC’ and published on Ethiopian Herald in Nov of 2015 and picked by many make-believe Medias and sourced by the London based All Africa Media illustrate the art of mass-deception. It started with;

“Once you set your feet to one of the industries of the Metals Engineering Corporation, you begin feeling a wind of change blowing inside the compound’s yard. Along the alleyways of the compound, you come across with message boards prompting changes and hard work”

Cadre Gebrehiwot goes on-and-on to make TPLF Mafia elites’ crime of racketeering and extortion against the people of Ethiopia as legitimate as possible like many of his comrades in the arts of deception do daily.

The clandestine cadre Desta Gebrehiwot’s empty LinkedIn profile says it all for the only English language government newspaper wannabe journalist – The Ethiopian Herald and how TPLF Mafia elites infest cadres in public and make-believe private media to populate the airwaves and the cyberspace with mass-deception.

But, way before the relatively new METEC racket was created; the stage to strip Ethiopians necked out of key industries in banking, transportation, distribution, manufacturing, construction, Agribusiness, real-estate, Media…was underway and implemented right after TPLF ‘occupied’ the State House.

Unfortunately, the conspiracy to commit crime of racketeering and extortion against the people of Ethiopia not to mention the atrocities to make it happen are still celebrated by crazed supporters and apologists as make-believe Developmental State with well-coordinated mass deception as they continue to build extractive institutions around them with impunity.

As they say, ‘the most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth’

Take for instance the little known MACCFA Freight Logistics PLC established way before the infamous mother-of-all-corruption EFFORT in 1995 by no other than Siye Abriha, Founder of EFFORT and while he was a make-believe Defense Minister.

esat2MACCFA that claims it was “established in 1994, is a company engaged in import and export customs clearing, freight forwarding, transport and shipping agency. The head quarter is found in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. MACCFA has extensive experience in customs clearing, freight forwarding, transport and shipping agency”, according to its official website.

The clandestine Managing Director Mulugeta Assefa (pictured) is also “the Founder and Managing Director and Chairman, Board of Directors of a sister company Segon Marill international movers PLC, packing and moving companies specializing in house hold effects, Antiques and Fine Arts in Ethiopia, according MACCFA’s website. He is also the President of   The Ethiopian Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents Association (EFFSAA).

“Cmdr. Tilahun Mulugeta” also is listed as the Secretary General of EFFSAA by FIATA International.
The International Association of Movers (IAM) 53rd Annual conference that identify Segon Marill international movers PLC point persons as Mulugeta Gezahegen. It is not clear if he is the same person using aliases or three different Mulugetas representing the same companies on the international seen.

But, according to Mulugeta Assefa  LinkedIn profile, he is a graduate of “Addis Ababa University in Bachelor of Science (BSc), Information Science/Studies 1991 – 1998” essentially while he founded MACCFA Freight Logistics PLC  and Segon Marill international movers PLC 1994 as a student.


Regardless, the little known ‘private’ company like many was established for the sole purpose of raiding any valuable public and private assets of the nation with no accountability to anyone but, TPLF itself.

The number of TPLF affiliated make-believe ‘private’ companies set up to raid the nation resources are many to list here and only TPLF handpicked elites in the nation’s Investment Commission that issue the permit knows. At present, the third TPLF elite Investment Commission’s Director General is Fitsum Arega (pictured) with multiple business interest of his own while he is Director General. It is like the fox guarding the hen house.


But, MACCFA Freight Logistics PLC preparation to strip the national Air carrier Ethiopian Airline run by TPLF handpicked Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tewolde Gebremariam (pictured left) and Chief Operating Officer Messay Tasew  (Picture center) have been underway for a while.

In the center of preparing and legitimizing the ‘hostile raid’ of the National Airline as he did with many other key public and private industries before by TPLF affiliates is the infamous Ethiopian-American Zemdeneh Negatu (pictured right), the East Africa Managing Patterner of Ernest Young and the official ‘foreign’ consultant of Ethiopian Airline headquartered in TPLF owned and operated Mega Building in Addis Ababa. His complex entanglement with TPLF Mafia elites as a foreign consultant, with personal investment interest with multiple investors stretching from India, Middle East, Europe and North America requires extensive investigation on its own.


But, the breakup of the National Airline in five distinct sectors under his watch with each run by handpicked Directors starting with (left to right) Managing Director of MRO Zemen Nega, Managing Director of Express & Ancillary Service Haliemelkot Mamo, Managing Director of International Service Esayas WoldeMariam, Managing Director of Cargo Service Fistsume Abady and Managing Director of Aviation Academy Salomon Debebe was completed a while back.

esat6It is to be recalled TPLF affiliated make-believe Medias in 2014 reported ‘Ethiopia private airline and pilot school-established by ‘former-captain’ Mulatu Lemlemayehu (picture).

In a nation where TPLF Mafia elites run amok and where establishing coffee shop let alone airline and pilot school is unthinkable, establishing private airline and pilot school is music to ears to show; the complicity of contemporary dysfunctional elites in robbing the nation and her 100 million inhabitants is astounding.

One may rightly ask, is Negatu & Associates posed as foreign consultant/investors of Ethiopian origin ignorant of the ruling TPLF Mafia elites’ crimes of racketeering and extortion on the people of Ethiopia or do they care less one way or another as-long-as they get paid or make money investing posed as Foreign investors in TPLF owned Mafia economy?

Regardless of what their motives or the level of crime of corruption they may or may not engage, the question for all Ethiopians to know remains: who are the main ringleaders of TPLF Mafia and associates that unleashed the most sophisticated racketeering and extortion ring against the people of Ethiopia and who supposed to make them responsible and accountable worldwide?

What is even more fascinating is; the conspiracy to create many make-believe Medias mostly in the English language to deceive Ethiopians in the diaspora and international community to make it look like TPLF Mafia elites racket and extortion is legitimate private investments ‘growing the economy’ by double digit. Among the make-believe English language make-believe Medias are Addis Fortune,,, New Business Ethiopia and Ezega that appear to have selected amnesia to deceive the international community on behalf of TPLF mafia elites’.  No wonder they don’t revile their identity on their website.

esat7But, nothing comes close to deceive and distract Ethiopians in the diaspora than the Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS), a satellite television network owned and operated by clandestine TPLF operatives based in the State of Maryland with operation in Dubai and Addis Ababa. It appears it is one of the outfit set up to takeover airwave in Ethiopia using the public resources like many TPLF Media outfits. The persons identify as owners of EBS are three brothers led by Amman Fissehazion (pictured), an Ethiopian American. He is associated with the Ethiopian Diaspora Investment Forum where he is a recipient of its award and sponsored multiple events held in New York, Washington and Addis Ababa.

esat8The only public owned internet provider under Ethiopian Telecom Corporation is another public corporation on the chopping block of TPLF Mafia elites ‘private’ investors led by the notorious TPLF Mafia-spymaster and the make-believe Minister of Communication and Information Technology and Deputy Prime Minster Debretsion Gebremichal (Pictured) that by some is considered the brain behind TPLF Mafia operations since the late Melse departed. But, the public owned Telecom has been online raid instigated by TPLF operatives in the Diaspora for a while but for yet unknown reason, it remained under ‘the government’ in what appears to justify TPLF’ spy network against descendent particularly in the Diaspora.

Nothing of value from farm land to religious manuscripts are spared from TPLF Mafia elites’ raid posed as private companies or equity investors validated by paid make-believe ‘foreign’ consultant from UK and United States.

In all honesty, despite TPLF elites’ sophisticated mass-deception with combination of Marxist central control, ethnic Apartheid divide and Mafia like racketeering and extortion we never witness in history of the nation; political deception has always been the hallmark of contemporary dysfunctional political elites rooted in their Marxist’s dogma of ‘us-against-them’ to help them capture illegitimate power that continued to these days.

Therefore, Ethiopians understand the danger TPLF Mafia elites pause on the people and the nation but, the failure to identify them and others’ mass-deception brought the defragmentation of the response to end TPLF global treat on Ethiopians and remained the single pressing issue that kept Ethiopian apart.

Ultimately, those that commit crimes and conspired to cover it up with well-corradiated mass-deception, racketeering and atrocities will and must pay.  The only question is not why but when providing Ethiopians document who-is-who committing crimes against the people in every sector, region and the world.

Throughout world history, no single sector has the golden key to advance the spirit of unity, freedom, justice in the democratization process by exposing deception of all kinds and crimes against the people than the Free Press.

Looking at the sorry state of the Free Press and the explosion of make-believe Free Presses in major languages to confuse Ethiopians and in the English language to fool the international community in Addis Ababa and Ethiopians in the Diaspora, you can understand why TPLF Mafia elites mass-deception kept everyone confused.

Fortunately for Ethiopians, the one-and-only independent mass-Media network with the capacity to reach the entire population of Ethiopia and the world to counter the mass-deception onslaught of TPLF Mafia elites and many others is the Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT).

That is why TPLF delusional Mafia elites are frightened from losing control of their mass-deception that help them accomplish their premeditated crimes against the people of Ethiopia and kept them going for decades. Thus, ever since ESAT came on air six years ago; they have been running like rabbits in all directions while pushing more mass-deception and diversion to stay alive.

Why ESAT frightens delusional elites in general and TPLF Mafia elites rest on its ability to spread the raw truth and making manufactured dacite out Marxism and Apartheid playbook obsolete. That much is proven to be true beyond a reasonable doubt as they scramble to figure out a way out of their crimes and the self-inflected identity crises they brought on themselves.

In addition to countering the Masters of Deceptions that implement a 16th century ethnic Apartheid divide and Mafia like racketeering and extortion ring in Ethiopia, the establishment of ESAT is ‘the best thing that happened to the people of Ethiopia’ in many ways than one. Most significantly, the introduction of reality in contemporary Ethiopian politics that has been neglected for decades to earn EAST the ‘honor’ of terrorism charge by non-other than the dysfunctional TPLF Mafia’ elites’ that built ‘The House of Delusion’ on the back of the people of Ethiopia.

Love or hate ESAT, the fact it proved the ruling Mafia party has no political, social nor economic legitimacy of any kind but, a criminal cartel hellbent of robbing the nation in a cover of Developmental State. It is not only a giant step in the right direction to end TPLF crimes against Ethiopians but to end mass-deception from any political party, civic organization, Media…of Ethiopia altogether.

Therefore, the best hope-against-all-hope for TPLF Mafia elites (for that matter for any make-believe political party, civic organization or Media elites that makes a living by deception) to survive is by putting out as much mass-deception as humanly possible hiding behind ethnicity, religion, ideology and the rest.  Unfortunately for them; the truth has no ethnicity, religion and ideology.

TPLF Mafias elites used-and-abused the make-believe Tigri ethnicity from facing raw justice – putting Ethiopians in Tigray in peculiar position of harboring criminals against their own people, thanks to the complicity of TPLF elites in the diaspora willing to throw the people under a bus for the piece of ill-gotten public resources. But, when the colorless, ethnic-less, nonreligious, ideology-less … truth start coming out behaving like a drunken sailor became the only option.

To put the dilutional TPLF Mafia elites led regime’s impudence in the historical context, never since the proliferations of Free Press throughout Europe and in North America made possible by the invention of the printing press in the mid-15th century Germany, the exercise of the Free Press (telling the truth) has never been outlawed as ‘crime of terrorism’ by non-other TPLF led Apartheid regime of Ethiopia.

The irony it is happening in the middle of the Information revolution of the 21st century where TPLF Mafia elites held the technology hostage to spread more mass-deceptions says it all. That is not all. Failing to undermine ESAT by all-means, the outlawed TPLF declared; listening to ESAT is a crime of terrorism – confirming what Ethiopians suspected all along – TPLF Mafia elites stumbled in the 21st century by historical accident and can only survive by Mass-Deception – rendering all their make-believe Medias useless.

In previous article titled; ‘civilized people uncivilized regime, how did it happen?’  I underscored; self-appointed elites representing our people in general are not civilized enough for civilized people of Ethiopia and can only build ‘cheap and drafty house’ at enormous cost as the historical record shows.

Don’t take my words and explore how TPLF Mafia elites and many elites running make-believe political parties, civic organizations and Medias pivot the reality through manufactured mass-deception or diversion and omission of the truth to propagate mass-confusion for their agenda.

Therefore, it is important to be mindful the historical role the Free Press like ESAT are playing; not only to expose the obvious stone-age behavior of TPLF Mafia elites and others but, the introduction of the bitter truth to all contemporary dysfunctional elites that refuse to accept the inconvenient truth — costing lives, rights and livelihood of the people of Ethiopia and beyond.

That said, the enormous workload and historical responsibility ESAT and its esteemed journalists and editors undertook with relatively very limited resources under barrage of TPLF Mafia elites’ and others attacks for simply telling the truth noting but the truth is beyond words to describe.  Tragically, above and beyond what TPLF Mafia elites and associates do; what make-believe political parties, civic organizations, Medias… of all kinds do to undermine ESAT is a historical crime by its own and prove the problem Ethiopians face to get to the truth is bigger and wider than we think.

That is why upon the establishment of ESAT six years ago I wrote; “ESAT is the best thing that happened to the people of Ethiopia since the Adwa Victory”. Ever since, more make-believe political groups, civic organization and Medias came out of the woodworks to undermine ESAT than ever with mass -deception – reinforcing; there are more dilutional elites unwilling to submit for the truth either for pay-to-play by their enablers or to advance their own petty personal, political, social and economic agenda at the expenses of the people of Ethiopia.

The Ashanti of Gahan’s proverb that states; “one falsehood spoils a thousand truths” better describes TPLF Mafia elites’ mouthpieces and others I wrote about many times before.

At the meantime, an African proverb that says; “It may take a lot of time to fabricate a lie but, the truth only takes seconds to elevate” better describes ESAT’ efforts to exposing the Mafia regime to run for cover– proving the truth is a lethal weapon against anyone that make a living by mass-deception, corruption and atrocity.

Therefore, sorting out the chaos mass-deception brought by dilutional elites on the people of Ethiopia one-at-a-time’ is the one-and-only salvation to our people’s struggle for freedom, justice and democracy.  I argue, ESAT and the handful independent Medias will end all deceptions as they put the spotlight on one dysfunctional elite after another.

Spreading the truth to end the century of mass-deception against the people of Ethiopia

 “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” wrote the famous English novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic better known by his pen name George Orwell.

Unfortunately, what is missing among contemporary dysfunctional elites of Ethiopia is a ‘revolutionary act’ of telling the truth. When that kind of behavior is institutionalized in political parties, civic organizations, Media and the rest as it is the norm than the exception; the chaos we see at the expenses of our people is inevitable.

Take for instance the recent ‘Exclusive Interview’ of Eyasu Alemayehu, described as ‘the Founder of EPRP’ by Finote Democracy radio and posted on Satenaw online Media  When three organization namely, Finote Democracy, EPRP and Satenaw institutionalize deception by omission or diversion to create more confusion what can Ethiopians do to get to the truth?

For example, according to the ‘official’ EPRP website ( ) it doesn’t say who founded EPRP nor who runs the party now and its whereabouts. But, on the ‘staged’ interview with Finote Democracy Radio pretending as an independent Media than the mouthpiece of the party doing an ‘exclusive interview’ with  the Founder Eyasu Alemayehu says it all.

What was even more amusing about the ‘exclusive interview’ on official party mouthpiece is the Founder over four decades ago tell the people of Ethiopia not only about the history of the party not available on the official website but, what he said the party is doing now to bring about democratic government not found on the official website either.  In fact, the official westie doesn’t identify the present leaders of the party nor have any worth information to be consider a viable political party for the 21st century.  Is it by accident or deliberate deception?

At the meantime, a make-believe Satenaw Media with undisclosed editors/reporters willingly post a staged interview of Finote Democracy without verifying Finote is a propaganda arm of the party and an ‘interview on a party operated Media can’t be considered ‘exclusive’ nor an ‘interview’ but advertising.

How Ethiopians can continue to be insulted by grownups that claim to run political parties, civic organizations or Medias without providing basic information who run them, what they stand for and who is the responsible party without any consequences is the million dollar we must deal with sooner than later.

 Incidentally, according to Shengo official website, a collusion of six-members listed identify EPRP as one of its member with domain name (non-working website).  It is not clear if it the same EPRP Eyasu Alemayehu founded above with two different official websites or two separate parties with the same name.

esat-9Shengo website doesn’t disclose who the leaders of its members including EPRP. But, DR Taye Zegeye (Pictured) appeared on various ‘Medias’ before to claim he is the official Chairman of EPRP as well as Shengo. It is not clear why Shengo doesn’t identify its member parties’ leaders nor provide their official website on its website.

At the meantime, Ato Aklilu Wendeafere (picture not found) that claimed to be the Public Relation Chairman of Shengo appeared on ESAT’s interview and reviled ‘EPRP-Democracy’ is the member of Shengo but, didn’t say what party he is affiliated with to become the official PR Chairman of Shengo nor the dozen members he claimed to be ‘Shengo’s members to make it the ‘the largest oppositions collusion of Ethiopian oppositions’ according Ato Akililu are not identified on the official website he supposed to be responsible to update four years after his interview on ESAT.

At the meantime, Finote Democracy — the ‘official’ Media of ‘EPRP’ founded in 2015 that conducted the interview with the ‘Founder’ doesn’t revile if EPRP is a member of Shengo or if there is another party with the same name. Nor it would revile who may be the responsible leaders of the party at the present. Thus, the diversion or omission to create more confusion remained the name of contemporary political elites’ game perpetuated on the people of Ethiopia.

To the other extreme, the recently established make-believe Voice of Amhara Media that came out of nowhere in line with TPLF Mafia elites’ instigated ethnic Apartheid construct is telling Ethiopians; Amharas are victims of the self-professed non-Ethiopian TPLF Mafia elites led Apartheid regime posed as Ethiopian government as the reason for its formation like its ethnic counterparts. The irony they wave the Ethiopian flag as if it is exclusively their own to fulfill TPLF Mafia elites’ mission shows another potential Mafia elates in the name of Amhara is in the making.

In a nation where contemporary dysfunctional politburo elites’ instigated class and ethnic victims-and-victimizers divide to remain or climb on illegitimate political power and privilege through elaborate mass-deception, it turned out; the real victims are the people of Ethiopia that continue to pay the price dearly for over five decades.

Admittedly, no one can even come close to be Masters of Deception than the self-professed non-Ethiopian TPLF mafia elites — not just to climb and remain in political power the longest but, to institutionalize crime of corruption, racketeering and extortion on the people and the nation —making every TPLF elite a willing participant. They know it, we know it and the world knows it.

If truth must be told as it always should, missing are the rest of contemporary Ethiopian elites to establish institutions to counter their dysfunctional peers in general and the deadly TPLF Mafia elites led make-believe political parties, businesses, civic organizations, Medias… responsible and accountable for mass-deception followed by crimes against the people of Ethiopia.

Again, let be frank. Putting up websites filled with press releases, opinions with no identifiable and responsible leader behind and unverifiable news from unidentified persons and sources to look real political party, civic organization, Media and the rest is not only illegal under the law but belong in the stone age.  There must be a point for all Ethiopian such 16th century behavior of dysfunctional elites at the expenses of our people should no longer be tolerated by all that for the most part remained silent so far.

But, despite the setbacks, Ethiopians came a long way to know who-is-who playing us one against each other and who is for freedom and democracy, thanks for ESAT and a few Medias, political parties and civic organizations and the rest.

The process of dismantling dysfunctional behavior of contemporary elites is underway and no one can stop it. Therefore, to help speed up the liberation of our people and save Ethiopia, Ethiopians can do many things to end mass-deception by omissions or diversions. Documenting and providing information on key players and top brass TPLF Mafia elites’ and associates with the lever of power and influence in one make-believe political party, businesses, civic organizations, Medias… after another to end the carnage and corruption on the people of Ethiopia is a must.

ESAT should dedicate exclusive EXPOSE investigative reporting on one institutions of corruption, mass-deception and racketing after another in all major languages as well as in English to awaken the silent majority and steer and advance the conversation to the reality of TPLF ethnic Apartheid rule and Mafia racketeering economy to identify the responsible enabling individuals in all concerned government agencies, nongovernment and private organizations.

At the meantime, some of the make-believe opposition political parties, civic organizations, Medias… that are becoming increasingly nuisance in undermining the struggle must be identified and confronted to come clean and explain their positions in public. They should be forced to officially disclose who they are and what they want to do to our people so that they can take responsibility for their actions or inactions.  The dismal record of some of them by playing hide-and-seek on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia must end.

Change can only come when there is balanced reply and push back to the rogue regimes’ interest and stakeholders as well as on those that drag the struggle for their own undisclosed agenda.  The heroes that are exposing the political, economic and social crimes of the ruling Mafia elites or others with great sacrifice can lead Ethiopians to victory and glory soon if only we can empower and support them to do more.

Finally, I want to remind my fellow Ethiopians that, if the desire changes we hope for our people to come; we must ask ourselves; should we continue to beg for it as we have done so in every demonstration, protest, article writing…  or challenge ourselves what must I proactively do in many ways than one individually, as a family, friends to support the parties, the organizations, and Medias… that are demonstrably doing the hard work to make it happen.

ESAT is doing extraordinary job of asking the hard questions from one-and-all to WALK THE TALK while EXPOSING the crimes of corruption, extortion and atrocities of TPLF Mafia elites and associates as every ‘Media’ supposed to do.

“If YOU CAN’T SHOW” what your organization is all about, its leadership ability and credential and what it does to defend and advance the interest of the people of Ethiopia by advocating the consent of the governed, the rights and welfare of the people of Ethiopia; either you are dilutional to know better or make-believe party, … like TPLF to undermine those that do the right thing.

In closing, the reason TPLF Mafia elites led Apartheid regime got away with ‘murder’ is primarily because of the failure of the opposition parties to see Ethiopians’ freedom and rights beyond their individual lust for power and privilege.

The three-days conference held in Virginia last weekend under Shengo banner with four-page Press Release Resolution as reported by ESAT not available on the official website illustrates what is wrong with the collation of unidentified parties.   Last year, three groups including Shengo sponsored conference failed to provide the outcome of the conference to the public on all the sponsoring organization official websites to date.  This time, the conference was not announced on the official website nor its proceedings and the resolution provided on Shengo website but, only ESAT’s news coverage of the conference provided. It is not clear why the supposedly largest opposition collation provides its own conference proceeding five years since its formation – reviling; it isn’t a collation to free the people of Ethiopia but, to position unidentified parties involved for transitional government.  Such dysfunctional behavior of political elites in my opinion is why the people of Ethiopia remained poor, deprived of rights and voice to peruse life, liberty and happiness.   Until Ethiopians collectively address the out of control dysfunctional elites’ behaviors magnified by TPLF Mafia elites’ criminality, the people of Ethiopia will continue to suffer.

As I said before, no one is above the law i.e. the consent, the rights and the interest of the people of Ethiopia. If any elite in any party, organization or Media violates that oath; he or she is in it for the wrong reason.

The Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) officially submitted for the consent of the people of Ethiopia and raised the bar high, either others follow its leads and join in or do better. The same old staged conference to undermine ENM as Shengo appears to do is not going to do it. In fact, it only prolongs the misery of our people under TPLF Apartheid regime. As they rightly say, ‘the bucks stop on the leader’ the man who appears on the Media to be the leader of Shengo responsible for the organization is DR Taye Zegeye. He must lead by example or resign for a better and transport leader. So far, the official website doesn’t identify him as a Chairman nor what member party of Shengo he is affiliated with, not to mention there is no sufficient information for an average person to understand what the collation is all about beyond opposing the ruling TPLF Mafia regime through the same old talking point.

Ethiopians deserve much more better than what they are getting from contemporary political elites and Media personalities.  Being against Woyane or anyone else is not a panacea for being for the freedom and the rights of the people of Ethiopia.

The article is dedicated to our people sacrificing to end TPLF Mafia elites’ led Apartheid rule as we speak while dysfunctional political elites’ maneuver playing politics until they get what they want at the expenses of their struggle.