ESAT: the one-and-only Free Mass-Media for the people, by people to the people


ESAT: the one-and-only Free Mass-Media for the people, by people to the people

March 30, 2014


How long the stooges of the ruling ethnic tyranny live-off on lies and deception of Ethiopians all depends on how determined we are to support independent Medias like ESAT to dismantle the factories of lies and bring down the ethnic tyranny on its knees.


by Teshome Debalke

I know…I know many ‘Free Media’ wan be out t  here aren’t going to like my insinuation.  Especially the clowns of TPLF’s operatives that are populating the airwaves with empty propaganda with some disguised as innocent looking Medias. Here, I want to remind the clowns of TPLF, particularly those disguised as independent Media that are nuisance for society, your fate is intertwined with ethnic tyranny you serve and will die unceremoniously with it. Your crime against the Free Press–disguised as one is a crime-of-all-crimes.

For those few free independent Medias that stand-up for the public interest on what matters I ask for your forgiveness in advance. Your effort is admirable but, if you can’t reach the vast majority of our people, you can be all the best you can be it isn’t enough to counter the regime and its operatives propaganda.  I understand it isn’t  necessarily your fault not able to reach the vast majority of the people but, that is how it goes in all tyranny infested nations like ours where the ruling depots  controls all means of communication to prevent people from knowing the truth. For millenniums the challenge has always been how to break the back of tyranny’s monopoly of the infrastructure to reach the vast majority of the people. So far, ESAT is the only one that did it, thanks for the dedicated Ethiopians.

March 26  by Sisay Agena examined what it took to break the back of the propaganda factories of the ruling tyranny and its stooges.

Therefore, the most important thing is how Medias beat tyranny’s stranglehold of the free press and information infrastructure to reach the vast majority of the people in what matters as ESAT is doing.  That doesn’t include popularity contest with each other — as we are witnessing with many wan-be Medias doing it alone. But, pulling resources together to build the infrastructure necessary go a long way to bring down the corrupt ethnic tyranny on its knees.

If popularity contest is what drives you, then, you aren’t up to the job.  There is no excuse not to come together building the infrastructure necessary than doing it alone to nowhere.

Thus, anyone that has an issue with ESAT either doesn’t understand the Free Press and what it takes to inform the vast public in what matters or they are simply the extension of  tyranny that don’t want the public to know. In reality, the stooges of the ruling tyranny officially or disguised as free Media aren’t the only problem the people are facing but the rests’ inability to come together to build the institutions and the infrastructure needed to inform the public to make tyranny history.

Those that source TPLF’s propaganda as news but ignore ESAT’s expose of the atrocities and corruption of the regime aren’t any better than the regimes stooges. They are either ignorant to serve as the messenger of propaganda or are disguised as innocent to promote propaganda.

I highly recommend to the brave people in ESAT to take these poor souls’ behavior with a grain-of-salt. After all, on the top of TPLF’s operatives there are confused and deranged individuals out there operating ‘Medias’ in the name of Free Press. From those that are reduced in serving the ethnic tyrannies to others fixated on their own petty interests are flooding the airwave with empty propaganda on the expenses of the people. More than anything, the poor souls need help than condemnation. They are delusional enough not to know propaganda from real nwes. Taking their behavior seriously as rational people that do things with sound minds distracts independent Medias like ESAT from the important work need tending.

For example, Medias that entertain the regime’s unverifiable propaganda at face value shouldn’t be considered Media but the extension of the regime’s propaganda.   Lone rangers running online Medias with habits of cut-and-paste news from any sources, including the regime propaganda that serves their agenda are not free Media but propaganda outlets of their own interest.  Others that are disguised to look like free Media but primarily focus diverting the public attention from the main issue of the public interest not only aren’t free Media  but appear to be hired hands of the ruling regime and associates. One thing they all have in common is they ignore ESAT’s expose all together or outright attack the most important Media in the history of the nation.

Take for instance the queen of propaganda Mimi Sebhatu recent badmouthing ESAT on a radio station the regime gave her. It illustrates how far people would go to undermine the public interest for their petty interest. Quite frankly, I don’t know where she learned journalism but, like every clown serving tyranny if it wasn’t for the regime that uses and abuse her to distract the public from the atrocities of the regime she would have ended up as a neighborhood clown running tabloid Media entertaining a crowd that want to hear wishes and fantasies.  Incidentally, I don’t know what good it would do her but, she is the member of the regime’s front Journalist’s Association. Such organized madness– breaching professional and moral ethics has been the hallmark of the ruling ethnic tyranny — rampant in every sector of the country.

The record shows Mimi Sebhatu worked for Voice of America Amharic and Tigrigna program at one time. Lord only knows how she managed to get in the VOA’s establishment with her grasp of the Free Media and journalism ethics.  But, beyond her lack of professional ethics and moral laps, for someone who lived in free society with 1000s of Free Press around and worked for VOA as journalist she sounded as if she recently stumbled into civilization out of a remote village.  She is a good example of when a ‘professional’ go rogue in the service of tyranny for one reason or another. That, my people, is the cause of all the ills infecting our society many times over.

Don’t get me wrong, she like eveybody has all the rights to insult ESAT in the interest of free speech but, hiding behind ethnic tyranny as a coward makes her a worn-out cadre crying for help than a professional journalist.  After all, journalism and free Media is all about harassing tyranny to surrender power not hiding it from public scrutiny.  I am sure ESAT folks would love to have her come on their program if she is brave enough to challenge them in public on their wrong doing she claimed like they do with every coward officials of the regime that is afraid to face the Nation.

Other Medias are undermining it covertly. Some associate ESAT with Amhara ethnicity and Ginbot Seven movement. They even go as far as associating ESAT with terrorism in line with the ruling ethnic regime propaganda.

The accidental tourist- journalist and lone ranger Dawit Kebede of Awaramba Times comes in mind. Determined to sustain TPLF’s ethnic agenda alive through diversion posed as independent Media makes him more dangerous than the official stooges like the queen of propaganda.

The rest pretend ESAT doesn’t exist altogether or appear to wish it disappears. The worst Medias among these group are those that use the regime’s propaganda machine as a source of news but wouldn’t’ touch anything ESAT generate.  The influential Tadia Magazine among the Ethiopian American is one sorry Media that completely ignore the existence of the one-and-only mass Media in the history of the Ethiopians. How does one call itself Media without acknowledging the biggest accomplishment of Ethiopians in Diaspora should be reason enough to call on the owners and editors of Tadias to explain their poor editorial judgment.

Quite honestly, I feel sorry for these professionals with consequential ignorance or forked tongue making a living on lies, deceits, corruption and cover-ups.  Such self-inflect wound can’t be cured until they have the capacity to self-examine their transgression and do something about it.  But, the damage they cause to society in many ways than one is multitudinous.

You see my people, free Media is fundamentally a though and dangerous business because of tyranny. It is all about sweating the clowns of tyranny and associates in the public interest.  It is all about informing the public to the truth regardless of one self-interest and consequences. Therefore, anyone afraid of the free press is technically an extension of tyranny on the expenses of the people, noting less and nothing more to it.

Speaking of Voice of America- Amharic program, it seems ‘don’t rock the boat’ of tyranny is becoming the standard editorial order in violation of the very fundamentals of journalism.  That is not all; it is being used and abused by the regime operatives to distract the public from the main issue of tyrannical rule and the associated atrocity and corruption.

Notwithstanding VOA isn’t free Media but the US government Agency that, by law can’t broadcast in the territory of the United State the Amharic broadcasting to Ethiopian audience ignoring the basics of journalism and editorial independence and ethics is a tragedy on its own waiting to be challenged.  The very law VOA is prohibited not to broadcast in the USA on the bases of government operated Media is a source of propaganda and a danger to the US constitution and democracy itself is reversed when it broadcasting to the people of Ethiopia a one sided government propaganda without fact checking from independent sources.

The VOA can also use a few real and brave correspondents in Ethiopia as well as in Washington to dig the truth deeper about the ruling ethnic tyranny that is becoming increasingly belligerent. With a few reporters in the capital and regional states interviewing government officials and establishment is not sufficient to get the bottom of the truth.

After all, journalism is nothing but rocking the boat in seeking the truth not facilitating a forum for tyranny to push its propaganda. It appears VOA-Amharic is deteriorating rapidly when critical public interests are at stake.  Ethiopian expects a lot more from VOA to put boots on the ground to dig deeper to investigate aligned the human right violation and corruption of the regime and its associates.

We surly need a Media watchdog in the public interest now than ever to evaluate all Medias and journalists to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly to make them responsible for their action or inaction.

It isn’t unusual the Free Press scares the pants out of any ruling tyrannies and their stooges than anything else. That is why independent Medias are closed down and journalist suffers greatly everywhere. It is what distinguishes the real, the mediocre and the fake Medias in tyranny infested nations like Ethiopia.  Some tyrants are outrageous enough to take it personally to jail and kill by direct order. Others are stupid enough to have only one Media under their control to tell them how great they are. The more savvy tyrants like Woyane not only controls the public Media infrastructure but hire drifters and cadres to setup make-believe Medias to make it look like there is something out of noting.

Therefore, unlike TPLF controlled propaganda machine and clowns running their mouth posed as free Media ESAT is giving the ethnic tyranny a run for dear life and the apologist crying foul like no one did it before.  After several attempt to shoot ESAT out of air followed by hacking the website by all means possible, including begging China for help, it is understandable the regime stooges’ last hope-against-all-hope was badmouthing ESAT the only alternative.  What else can they do besides crying for help and badmouthing ESAT to discredit it in the public eye hiding behind closed doors?

Thus, the queen of propaganda like a handful stooges crying foul shouldn’t surprise anyone. They couldn’t swallow the truth—they are nothing but a worn-out cadres waiting to go to jail or run in hiding when their beloved ethnic tyranny bit the dust.  Why go through hell defending the indefensible ethnic tyranny is a character even the best scientist in human behavior can’t figure out yet. That is why free societies discard them and send them packing to irrelevancy while they strive in tyranny infested societies like ours with the blessings of the regime to fool the international community.

Therefore, whatever Media wan be are thinking, particularly those propaganda outlet that spew rubbish day-in-day out without smelling it, if tyranny make you feel you are journalist/Media it means you are the exact opposite. The bottom line of the universal truth is; if you are picked to serve tyranny in any capacity it is because you are ignorant, weak and wicked to qualify for the job.

Thus, if tyranny is in love with you to accommodate you, remember you are nothing but a messenger boys and girls waiting your fate, blame no one but yourself. You willingly sold your profession, morality and integrity in the service of ethnic tyranny against the people. You are no good for yourself, families, your people and country noting less or more to it. Confessing your sin and trying very hard to salvage your profession and integrity are the only hope that remained; after all, there is no redemption without atonement.

Before I end, let me make one thing clear for the sorry stooges and apologist of ethnic tyranny, the universal truth is there is no good tyranny but dead one. No amount of propaganda or front Media or treat cures tyranny from its disease, particularly ethnic tyranny. No cadre posed as professional or institution, including Media could sugar coat the rotten foundation of tyranny.  No peddler disguised as expert in the name of one thing or another including ethnic Federalism can salvage the ethnic tyranny that is a maggot on the people. No foreigner can attest to the goodness of ethnic tyranny or salvage its rotten foundation no matter how much money spent for his/her service.

Therefore, sleeping with ethnic tyranny is like drug fix; it feels good while it last but, when reality sink in dilution with erratic behavior that endanger society follows. The stooges of Woyane should take this reality with the grain-of-salt and blame no one but themselves. Only the nonsensical that serve the ethnic tyranny on the people’s expenses can’t see it. Their only hope to extend the life of ethnic tyranny a little longer is blaming the victims as we are witnessing when the stooges gasp for air.

Again, the danger of banking on tyranny in general, ethnic or religious tyranny in particularly is it assembles irrational drifters with low self-esteem to help extend its rule and to cause havoc if its power is threatened. The important thing to remember is, Woyane tyranny hides behind ethnicity or manufactured external enemy to evade responsibility for crimes against Ethiopians.  Therefore, it would be foolish to allow the ethnic tyranny a hiding place to put collective guilt based on ethnicity as the regime does on Ethiopians. Instead, depriving hiding places for the stooges to face justice for their individual crime goes a long way not to let anyone get away with crime against the people of Ethiopia and to speed up the coming of democratic rule the TPLF’s stooges have been postponing for over two decade.

It is also important to understand anyone that fan ethnic and religious agenda over democratic rights of Ethiopians is not better than the ruling ethnic tyranny itself.  No sane person play ethnic politics in a country like Ethiopia and claim to fight for the rights of the people he/she claim to represent.

The ploy must be exposed to the world, and no one can do it better than independent Medias like ESAT. The people of Ethiopia, particularly the young their fate will be determined by the reckless decision of the ruling ethnic tyranny must rise up to the occasion to defend and support ESAT from the assault of TPLF’s operatives and break the back of tyranny once and for all.

How long the stooges of the ruling ethnic tyranny live-off on lies and deception of the people of Ethiopia all depends on how determined Ethiopians are to support independent Medias like ESAT to dismantle the factories of lies and corruption to bring down ethnic tyranny on its knees.

After all, the institutions of tyranny prey on our ignorance and differences they perpetuate. If we don’t step out of our hiding to support independent Medias and institutions, tyranny will have a hiding place to sustain its draconian rule and corruption and, if I am wrong for saying it I pled guilty.

No people would be free until the free press is free to expose the crimes of ruling tyranny and associates. It isn’t why but when we as people appreciate the role the free press plays to free us from the depreciation of our rights from scourge of tyranny. ESAT led the way are we going to follow?

Therefore, the sorry stooges of the regime must be reminded over-and-over again they have no place in the free Ethiopia as a surrogate of ethnic tyranny. If they don’t learn that reality by now to step aside they might as well condemned themselves as accessories to the crimes of tyranny. It is a matter of time and the determination of Ethiopians before they face raw justice.

There are no excuses or hiding places for crimes against the people as the stooges scramble to make something worthy of tyranny short of surrender for democratic rule.  Only fools and crooks choose tyranny over democracy as alternative for their existence.

The article is dedicated for those in-and-out of prisons of tyranny paying the ultimate price for free press including ESAT folks. Your dedication to rattle tyranny is priceless. The people of Ethiopia appreciate your contribution to show the true color of the wickedness of tyranny for the world. Soon you will see the fruit of your labor when freedom rings and the stooge of tyranny run for their dear life.