Eskinder Nega and Andualem Arage’s property to be confiscated


The Ethiopian Federal High Court has ordered the property of a jailed Ethiopian journalist and opposition party leader to be confiscated.

The decision to confiscate Eskinder Nega’s property, according to the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice, comes after a request made by federal prosecutors.

However, the courts ordered that a villa house registered under Nega’s name and another residential house, inherited from his parents, as well as an automobile registered under his wife’s name, not to be sold or transferred to a third party.

Nega is currently serving 18 years imprisonment on terrorism charges.

In May 2012, Eskinder was awarded the prestigious Pen American’s Freedom to write annual prize for his work.

The courts also ordered that opposition leader, Andulem Arage’s car, which was believed to be his, but registered under his wife’s name, not be sold or transferred to a third body.

Arage is serving life imprisonment under the same terrorism charges.

The federal court also ordered the property of another journalist, Abebe Gelaw’s property, a stand and a residential villa in Addis Ababa not to be sold or transferred to a third body.

Gelaw, a United States resident, was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in absentia. His residential house is said to be registered under his wife’s name.

In July 2012, Ethiopian courts sentenced 20 journalists and opposition politicians between eight years to life imprisonment.

Source: Africa Report