1. this is probably the reason why islam claims pictures with eyes are forbidden on walls. A direct challange to Ethiopia. early islam claims respect for Ethiopia while creating islam to conflict with Ethiopia. Africa have no friends.

  2. amazing how we accept everything that europe claims but question everything that Africa claims. maybe im a racist for having realise this. hhhmmmmm what screwed up reality!

  3. stupid menelik sold eritrea to Italy as a colony. He should have fought with the now called eritreans people against the western power. And now the amhara think that eritrea have to unite with ethiopia. Too late bros

  4. Gondar is in Ethiopia…hmm…perhaps that "a" in "Gondar" was once an "o" hmm? And now…to trace somehow the history back to Middle Earth… Just kidding lol! I couldn't help myself, seeing the name!

  5. Western Europeans disturbed this planet and caused division. Things could have worked fine with the indigenous cultures on earth and a more non-aggressive approach but nope the Western European has shown he is non-human but an animal/cave beast.

  6. they started the documentary by smearing negative experiences of Ethiopia ….which from the beginning will destroy all the reputations and great history of the country …I wonder when will they leave us alone …we don't need either your praise or admiration.

  7. People obviously didn't learn anything from Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can't provide "evidence" of the Ark because you can't approach it without being incinerated or dying. No ungodly energy, material or biological, can stand in the presence of the Ark. Its the same reason you can't video tape. . .God?

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