She was expected to win, and she did.
But Angela Merkel’s re-election victory in Germany on Sunday is bittersweet.
The Chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union won 34 percent of seats in the parliament or Bundestag – that’s enough to be the biggest party, but not for a majority government.
She’ll start talks to build a coalition.
At the same time, Merkel’s contending with a surge of support for the AfD – the nationalists won the largest far-right representation in parliament since Hitler’s Nazis in the 1940s.
For the first time in decades, a right wing party that’s opposed her every move has a seat at the political table.
Merkel says her party has a clear mandate.
How will she govern this time?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam
Guests: Dietrich Von Kyaw – Former German Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the EU.
Thorsten Benner – Director of Global Public Policy Institute.
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian – Contributing Writer, Foreign Policy.

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