Oromos Living in Somali Region Forcefully Displaced by Special Police Force


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Somali zone special police is forcefully displacing Oromos leaving in Wochale and Jijiga city, reports received from the area indicated.

It is reported over 1,000 have been displaced and especially the displacement in East Oromia was in mass. Transportation services that start from Dire Dawa, Harar and Jijiga that goes to various destinations were not operational, it is reported. Due to this, the roads that lead to Dire Dawa and Jijiga are closed.

Somali regional administration communication office manager, Mr. Addisu Arega, has indicated the attack on the Oromo farmers was perpetrated by Somali zone special police force. He has supported his claim by showing a captured Somali soldier and captain who was participating in the attack.

Opposition demonstrations have been held in East Harargie, Babile and Hirna and have denounced Somali Special police forces and the tacit collaboration of the federal government.

In another news, youths (Qeros) who called a general strike in all Oromia region has postponed the act of opposition due to thousands displaced Oromos and the necessity to organize urgent support for the neediest.

It is believed; Somali zone special police force has about 15-30 thousand well organized and fully armed warring forces lead by Mr. Abdi Elle and commanded by EPRDF Generals.