Over 160 Militias Died in the War between Oromia Region Farmers and Somali Special Police Forces


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

The war that is raging between East and South East Oromo farmers and Somali administration special police forces has claimed the life of 160 militias, as reported by Oromo Media Network (OMN) mentioning sources from the area. The confirmation of the number of deaths from independent sources has proved to be difficult.

Oromia administration communication affairs minister, Mr. Addisu Negera, in his interview with VOA, confirmed the fighting in the region but declined to indicate the number of people killed in the fighting.

Sources of (OMN) indicated, close to 40 from Moyale, over 35 from Bale Raytu and close to 80 in Woligella Somali zone police force were confirmed killed. The dead from the Oromia militia side were not revealed but it is estimated over 100 people are presumed wounded in the three fronts.

In East and South East Oromia region up to Babile villages, fighting has been going on with Somali zone special police forces since March. The cause of the fighting is believed to be boarder dispute. The fighting has been going on and off for many months now but it has intensified in the last few days.