Remembering Victims of November 2005

The 2005 Post Ethiopian Election Massacres

TPLF/EPRDF security forces (Agazi) massacred 193 people who protested against election fraud in November 2005. The victims were shot, beaten and strangled. The demonstrators were unarmed, yet the majority died from shots to the head. Many people were killed arbitrarily, old men were killed while in their homes, and children were also victims of the attack while playing in the garden.

The unrest followed parliamentary elections in May 2005, which the regime lost, but announced an illegal victory. The opposition parties confronted the regime peacefully and within the constitution, saying the election was marred by fraud, intimidation and violence.

Below are various facts on the Ethiopian Massacre of 2005 in various medium.

Independent Commission Report
Ethiopian police (TPLF’s Agazi) massacred 193 protesters in violence following the 2005 disputed elections, the independent report says.
The Independent commissioners (Mr Wolde-Michael Meshesha, a deputy chairman of a 10-member inquiry) spent six months interviewing more than 600 people, including the prime minister, police officers, witnesses and government officials. In early July 2006, shortly before completing its report, the team held a vote and decided, 8 to 2, that excessive force had been used.

See below the full list, consisting of the victims names, age, address, occupation, weapon used , date of incident and death, evidence, witness …etc.
Read Full List (pdf)


Massacres in the International News;
Inquiry Triples Toll in Ethiopia Protests Washington Post
Ethiopian government blocks report of massacre by its forces Guardian
Ethiopian protesters ‘massacred’

Massacres in pictures

“These pictures are not just numbers and images, they were fellow Ethiopians, with dreams, loved ones and life plans.”

This pictures
show that the killers used heavy weapons and snipers;
show that the killers were targeting the head and chests of the victims;
show the degree of these acts of murder;
show the tyrannical TPLF rule currently exercised in Ethiopia.


This pictures where used by Mr Yared Hailemariam, Human Rights Defender (Ethiopia) to give Testimony to Members of the Committees on Development, on Foreign Affairs and the Sub-Committee on Human Rights of the European Parliament on May 15th, 2006.

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The June 2005 Massacre
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We will Never Forget You!

Your Sacrifice Will Not Be in Vain!


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