Reports Archives on Ethiopia

Reports Archive on Ethiopia


Freedom_On_The_Net 2012 Freedom House Report– Freedom House

HRW_Report-What_will_happen_if_hunger_comes-Jun18-2012 – Human Rights Watch

HRW_Report-Waiting_here_for_death-Jan17-2012 – Human Rights Watch

2010 Human Rights Report US Dept 160121 – U.S. Department of State

Ethiopia: Threat to Internet Freedom, Freedom House 2011 Report

Ethiopian Election Falls Short of International Standard – EU Report

Ethiopia: Submission to the UN Committee against Torture – HRW

Ethiopia 139th in Press Freedom Index – Reporters Without Borders

UN: Ethiopia amoungst 22 countries suffering chronic hunger

Ethiopia: Donor Aid Supports Repression – Human Rights Watch, REPORT

Report: Ethiopia in the Bottom Five on 2010’s Global Hunger Index

Ethiopia: Ethnic Federalism and its Discontents – International Crisis Group Report

2009 Human Rights Reports: Ethiopia – U.S. Department of State

Attacks on the Press 2009: Ethiopia – CPJ 2010 Report

Ethiopia: Human Rights Watch 2010 Report

Ethiopia: Human Rights Report U.S. Department of State, 2008 Report

The Paradox of Macroeconomic Policy in Ethiopia – IPC UNDP

Attacks on the Press in 2008: Ethiopia – CPJ

Constitutionalism in the Horn of Africa: Lesson from the new constitution of Ethiopia – Berhanu Gutema

Obama, Africa and Peace – Strategy Paper, pdf

The Return of Electoral Authoritarianism – Royal African Society

HRW 2009 Report on Ethiopia – Including audio Report

Independence, Transparency and Accountability in the Judiciary of Ethiopia – National Judicial Institute

Somalia’s TFG, ARS Full Agreement -Official Document

Report: Horn of Africa Renditions – H Rights Watch

Report: Human Rights Watch’s Analysis of Ethiopia’s Draft CSO Law – HRW

Situation report: Drought/Food Crisis in Ethiopia

The Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia 31st Regular Report – EHRCO

Situation Report: Drought/Food Crisis in Ethiopia – 11th August 2008 – United Nations

2008 Index of Economic Freedom Shows Ethiopia is Economically Failed State

REPORT 2008: The Least Developed Countries

EPPF Fact Finding Full Report – Ethiopian People Patriotic Front

Horn of Africa Armed Groups (Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan) 2007 Report

The Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia 30th Regular Report – EHRCO

REPORT: Collective Punishment in Ogaden – HRW

REPORT: Focus on Ethiopia – May 2008UN

REPORT: Agricultural Marketing in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Human Rights Practices: State Department

EHRCO: Seek a durable solution to ethnic conflicts: EHRCO 106th Special Report :Report

Ethiopia: Reporters Without Borders Annual: 2008 Report
2008 Report

EHRCO: The Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia: 29th Regular Report
Report (pdf)

Human Rights Watch: Democracy Charade Undermines Rights
2008 Report

EHRCO: Put a Stop to Illegal Acts, 105th Special
Report (pdf)

USAID: Ethiopia Food Security Update
Report (pdf) January 2008

Report of UN S. General’s on Ethiopia-Eritrea
Report (pdf)

Ethiopia: UNHCR global appeal 2008-2009
Report (pdf)

Ethiopia: Review of USAID Humanitarian Assistance, 1991–Present
Report (pdf)

EHRCO’s Respect the Rule of Law: 103rd Special
Report (pdf)

USAID: Horn of Africa Food Security Update, Nov 2007
Report (pdf)

Ethiopia: Addressing the rights and needs of people displaced by conflict, October 2007
Report (pdf)

Africa’s Largest Armies

Horn of Africa Conflict Map July – Sept 2007
Map (pdf)

W.H.O: Ethiopia’s Emergency & Humanitarian Action
Report (pdf) 22-28 Oct 2007

Freedom House, October 2007 Report on Ethiopia
Report (pdf)

Report of the Secretary General on Ethiopia and Eritrea, November 2007
Report (pdf)

Ethiopia-Eritrea Security Council Report, Nov 2007

Focus on Ethiopia, Sept 2007 UN (OCHA)
Report (pdf)

Kinijit Delegation 2007 World Tour Timeline
Timeline (Incliding Pictures)

Ethiopians in the diaspora sent home more than $590 Million USD in 2006
Africa Remittance Report_2007 The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Reporters Without Boarders (for Press Freedom) Ethiopia – Annual Report 2007

The Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia, Regular Report 28
Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) (pdf, Amharic version)
Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) (pdf, English version)

Political Violence and Democratic Uncertainty in Ethiopia
United States Institute of Peace :August 2007

Ethiopia Ranks 18th on the 2007 Failed States Index :July/August 2007

Amnesty International Report 2007

Ethiopia Ranks 103 on the Global Peace Index out of 121 countries :May 2007

The Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia: Regular Report 27
Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) (pdf, Amharic version) :May 2007

Ethiopia tops the 10 countries where press freedom has most deteriorated
CPJ Special Report 2007

Ethiopia: Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2006
Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor March 6, 2007
United State Department

Ethiopia at a glance. 2007-2008
The Economist Intelligence Unit (pdf)

Peace on Trial in Ethiopia
2007 King Holiday Human Rights Symposium Human Rights & Conflict Resolution:
White Paper (pdf)

Meles Zenawi, No. 17 World’s Worst Dictator 2007

Ethiopia’s Deadly year for Press Freedom
Reporters Without Boarders, 2007 Report on Ethiopia (pdf)

The Fund for Peace, Ethiopia ranks number 26 on the Failed States Index of 2006
Report on Ethiopia. pdf

Overview of human rights issues in Ethiopia, 2006
Human Rights Watch, pdf