1. Data recovery from the phone is one thing. What if I said your text messages from 2 years and 3 phones ago could be recovered without even plugging you're old or new phone (assuming they are same carrier) into a computer? Metadata and Kali NetHunter should be on your research list.

  2. Secure phones like the Blackberry have a full secure wipe feature. Delete is not good enough. If the phone is not properly wiped, even if you smash it up it can still be read in the lab directly off the chip set in the lab.

    I keep all my old phones in a box. I will not donate or throw them away. The ones of more than about seven years old are useless with the new systems and have no resale value anyway. I will keep these phones in storage for the rest of my life if I have to.

  3. Scare people out of recycling there phones great idea NOT there are way to securely delete stuff you just have to know how . if some are so worried they should be concerned about what they share on Facebook etc…