Transport Disrupted in Most Regions of Ethiopia due to Youth Disobedience that Started in Oromia


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

The Sit-at-Home and work stoppage disobedience that started by Oromo youth has paralysed the transport system in most parts of Ethiopia.

It is reported all business activities in Western Oromia areas have stopped functioning. Transport and business are not operational in cities around Addis Ababa. Similar disobedience is being observed in Western Arsi area from Shashemene to Bale Robi. At West and East Harargie, Awodie, Gelemso and Mieso the protest was fully operational. Only police patrol cars are seen on the road that leads to Jijiga.

It is also reported; the stoppage of transport services that started in Oromia region has spread to Amhara region and has been observed for three days. In other news; the Amhara youth are planning to organize a nationwide ban of transportation and Sit-at-Home protests.

Reports indicated, the ‘chat’ market that used to flow freely to neighbouring countries everyday have completely stalled. The slowing exports of chat and coffee, the major foreign currency earning crops, have started to affect the economy of the country. The government of Ethiopia is taking a drastic major and is forcing businesses to open and imprisoning youths.

According to sources, transport services going out from Bahir Dar, Gondar, Debre Tabor, Dangla, Koso Ber, Chagni, Gilgel Beles, Finote Selam, Bure, Debre Markos Mota and Dejen have joined the protest that started in Oromia region. Due to that transport to Addis Ababa has virtually stopped.