Two Major Parties Claim the Present Ethnic Federalism of Ethiopian Government is Leading to Civil War


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP) and Blue Party, in a joint statement, said the present ethnic federalism of the minority led Ethiopian Government is leading the country to civil war. The preventable and unnecessary loss of life in the Eastern part of the Nation happened due to negligence and lack of leadership of the Government.

The parties concluded the loss of hundreds of innocent lives and the displacement of thousands upon thousands in Oromo and Somali border conflict is the direct result of the Government’s Ethnic Federalism policy. All blame lies with the government for not taking a timely and appropriate action.

In the two weeks long border conflict, over hundred lives have been lost and 75,000 people have been displaced. To date, the government is not forthcoming with the number of dead and displaced. Ethiopia is a country where people live in harmony as well as in brotherly and sisterly spirit. Yet, they have been lead to kill each other due to the Government’s Ethnic Federalism. The Government, on the other hand, is coming up with excuses; the clash is not the result of Federalism rather it is created by narrow-minded individuals who yearn for the return of the old regime as well as messengers of Shabia and Egypt.

Blue Party and AEUP have also announced, they have formed a task force to help the displaced Ethiopians, especially the vulnerable children and women, who are temporarily sheltered in Harar stadium.